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  1. Frequency Range:

     8 kHZ to 3 GHz

     8 kHZ to 6 GHz

     8 kHZ to 12.75 GHz

     8 kHZ to 20 GHz

     8 kHZ to 31.8 GHz

     8 kHZ to 40 GHz

     8 kHZ to 50 GHz

     8 kHZ to 67 GHz

  2. Option:

     Analog modulation

     Phase noise performance

     Output power

     Reference oscillator

  3. Notes:

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The R&S® SMA100B is the first choice for all applications requiring extremely clean analog signals. For LO substitution in radar applications, the R&S® SMA100B can generate microwave signals with extremely low close-in SSB phase noise, enabling radar systems to detect even very slow objects. For testing analog-to-digital converters (ADC), the R&S®SMA100B produces signals with extremely low jitter and highest spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR).

Via a second, independent output, the R&S® SMA100B can at the same time provide extremely pure clock signals for ADC testing with lowest wideband phase noise.

In automated production environments, the R&S® SMA100B generator's ultra-high output power eliminates the need for additional amplifiers while keeping harmonics extremely low.

With the R&S® SMA100B, it is no longer necessary to choose between signal purity and high output power. It is the only signal generator that can supply signals with ultrahigh output power in combination with extremely low harmonic signal components, setting new standards for high-end analog signal generators.

  • Frequency range from 8 kHz up to 67 GHz (overrange up to 72 GHz)
  • Lowest SSB phase noise of -132 dBc (typ.) at 10 GHz and 10 kHz offset
  • Virtually no wideband noise of -162 dBc (meas.) at 10 GHz and 30 MHz offset
  • Maximum output power exceeds 30 dBm across wide frequency ranges
  • Exceptionally low harmonics

To meet the specific needs of any given application, the base unit's already excellent performance can be improved with options. Different levels to improve the SSB phase noise and diverse stages to maximize the output power can be selected. Check out the SMA100B brochure for available options.